One of our faxservers running hylafax stopped working and the following error message popped up on logs:

* No local dialtone

That didn’t look strange to me since it was related to a recently updated configuration. Usually fax modems are configured by default for the US market: they expect a long dialtone prior to launch the call. Italian dialtone is different (and, as far as I know, this is pretty common at least in Europe), so a rude quick fix is to disable the dialtone check as follows:

vi /etc/hylafax/config.ttyACM0

(or whatever your modem looks like) find this row:

ModemDialCmd: ATDT%s

And change it like this:

ModemDialCmd: ATX3DT%s

Restart Hylafax service and let it run out the queue!

/etc/init.d/hylafax restart

Check Hylafax status with the following watch command

watch -n1 faxstat -s

(hit CTRL+c to abort watch)