Today I was in such an hurry to remotely connect via Remote Desktop Protocol to a Windows host in my network. For things like that, I used to stick with Remmina (GTK+ remote desktop client).

Surprisingly, after installing it on my Fedora 16 desktop with a self-explaining ‘yum install remmina’, I couldn’t find any RDP option in the connection menu (native support for ssh and sftp only)… so I remembered that something like that already happened some months ago: all I have to do is installing the rdp plugin:

yum install remmina-plugins-rdp

But.. still no success!

The trick here is to remove remmina and reinstall it together with the remmina-plugins-rdp package. This because the necessary freerdp dependency package is not installed by default.

So, here’s the one-liner fix:

yum -y remove remmina && yum -y install remmina-plugins-rdp

(note that remmina-plugins-rdp will download remmina as well)