If you have to assign strong passwords and you are in a lack of creativity, you may try to accomplish the task in many ways (for example by doing some rude redirect of /dev/urandom)

…Or, you can use pwgen as follows:

pwgen -Bnyc

These are my favourite switches on pwgen: -B Don’t include ambiguous characters in the password -n Include at least one number in the password -y Include at least one special symbol in the password -c Include at least one capital letter in the password

Example output:

Peey7mi_ ih[oo4Pi oy3Nee-t Ap7tiej/ iche7Iz/ Aich)ah9 Hi#c7chi Wee(m.e9
de4eJ`oo ua*vo7Ve koo9yi{J Seif@u7i paCh-ij3 Koh3ooC. aezu!He9 Om4ji*J_
eiNg,u7a Boph`ux3 iw3Aewo: eiK4kie= Aa3um.ei Wai=b3jo Jo#iJ4eB OocuM.u3
UoQu{o3m aibu4Eb. neeT4ew/ Eec7Fa_r nuj9Oa+n Eer3Vei= IiX9fei' Ue%dug4u
eFu_b3ue Eghi,v9v eGhoo.v9 USen.ae3 Xe9Ushu# Vee"P9ob aey}ez3K Cah$doo7
eiPh<a4e chei+Zi3 rie'x7Ph xa4Biez! Mie9iox" ee7Eeth! ci4jieP; Ad,ahPh3
eiS9ej#u thai/Qu7 iem4uYa; uGhi|i4j eir;on9I ahgh4iF@ me%Th3ma oe9Uom[a
mo%uYoo9 Ii3echo* aiCh3Ue] Eifi!u3i Yo}sh9Ra Oov4aic; ieh^ei4E eiy9Ii;d
Hahm-oh9 Kie'v3Ai zei~Sai7 INg7koh| ib{o3Out Ie<neik9 aing?a3I tohH-i9t
Xia3iew> euX4Ze~e Iek]eu4e ha(X4pha dop4Xoj- die/Y4ae Oos[o~r3 Ga_ceij3
ThaiS#a7 eeW#ei7o ia9xaH`a eeW4uu}X ze^e3Mux xe`x9Oop KeeF{ai9 wu@oQu9o
chee,t3O ohv7Yai$ kaa9ya!G woh^G3Ai AiD3cei: nie9Da'w Aim+ei9e Agah[v9i
Sei~th3Y AeM&a7vu ga$op3Ai Uth]ie7u Bae|Net3 Ohm)ai7F euh7Ook~ Hi[choo7
ce|p9eeN choh,j7Y eech.i9M Xie4Iev+ ka<Y9Ti@ Foo3xaa( Roo4Aew- aiQu^oo4
Ui,goh9v Je4Ohf^u Ue7oc"ah tooS_i7n Tae=foo4 ai7kii\M hoh*Yoh9 aiC#u3oh
uHa+e4Fe ooth{e9Y gah!Th7a Bai+n4qu koo4Oot; zu<Woho9 zu3eV=ei ieh3ooT#
Cei3iya; Va~w4The Que{owe7 Gai{vuW4 Ei+goh9b Noh9yae! eePu4be$ jiQu=ah9
Bi*o4ii7 tae4uu[W ohp3Poh. Ov&ah&t4 Zae-n9at ahC!oo4e ood7Uth_ uik9Iji[
wee3aiK* ieYe7ho[ id9Joh|z Wee9ag)i ohSe&sh3 Uaph<i9z ac7Ai{pi ohf~ie9I
ieTh_oo7 aiZ7yom] Ahro~z4E beuY*ah7 eSha)m3a eem7Mu%g thei?Th9 Jah4roh]

It just works!

  • Tip: Add a number to set password length, add another to set how many password to output.


pwgen -Bnyc 12 24

this will output 24 passwords of 12 chars length each.

  • EDIT: just found an alternative method using apg (Automated Password Generator) as follows:
apg -x8 -MSNCL

This will output 8 chars passwords with the same specifications as the ones created above with pwgen.